Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Living in Las Vegas K Creekmore coined this word to describe Cirque Du Soleil's Zumanity show which is described on their website as "a provocative and arousing display of human sensuality". According to Creekmore, people who have seen the show have described it as "a carnival of adult entertainment" which seems to be the appropriate definition for this metaplastic word. (Originally posted September 17, 2003)


Editor said...

Actually, the term wasn't so coined. The term had been around for at least a year or so as it apparently was the name of a copyrighted song by band, "Army of Toys."

Video relating to the music and backing up this contention is available on YouTube.com (for those who care and in support of my assertion, above.)

Tim Canny said...

While we here at metaplasm don't pretend to know the first usage of all the metaplastic words presented and happily accede the point that because of their limited distribution across the public consciousness can have multiple origins over time, we feel we must point out that this word was documented on the original metaplasm site in September of 2003 which would seem to lay waste the above commenters assertion. That said, we are happy to see any metaplastic word, such as "pornival", get wider exposure, so to speak.