About Metaplasm

When working with words it helps to know their definitions. A clear understanding of definition allows for precision of thought. More words with definitions clarifying more precise shades of meaning allow for exactitude in communication.

On the journey to clarity, meaning, and abundance of thought, words become living things. Changing, evolving over time into differentiated beings roaming a global network of lingual and epistolary conduits.

Just as radiation from the sun and carcinogens mutate cells, a host of agents make sport of words, creating metaplastics.

metaplasm is dedicated to documenting these new formed words whether born of poetic license or a more organic spoken or written metaplasia.

Please use metaplasm's comment function to comment on specific words. You can join us in the documentation of metaplastic words by submitting candidate words via email at timothycanny (at) gmail (dot) com. Please note the word and its metaplastic origins.

Historical Note: metaplasm: a journal of metaplastic words was originally published on the world wide web between October of 2000 and June of 2006. The archives are in the process of being republished here in hopes of reinvigorating the search for, and recording of, new metaplastic words.

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